How It Works

You can make initial contact directly to me via telephone or e.mail.  We can then briefly discus your needs and set up an initial appointment.  There is absolutely no obligation to make an appointment when you call.

Counselling sessions are of one full hour duration and usually take place fortnightly – although for some a weekly appointment is best – the frequency of your visits to see me will largely depend on a number of factors and I will make suggestions to you and leave it for you to decide.  In my experience, a fortnightly spaced appointment will give you opportunity to reflect on the consulting room time you have had with me and time to undertake any ‘homework’ tasks I may encourage you to do or think about from time to time.

If you come to see me as a couple it may be that you always attend appointments together.  Sometimes, it’s useful to make our ‘next’ session an individual session (each) and then meet up again as a couple in the session following that.  Again, this will depend on a number of factors on whether I suggest this and you are, of course, free to decline and let me know that you only want to come together!

There are times when one of you will consider counselling as a good way forward while the other is less inclined.  In such instance, I will offer an individual session – it’s often my experience that your partner will soon want to join you.

Some people actively seek out seeing me individually and prefer their partner not to come along.  At least in the initial stages of counselling but this could also be for the duration of the counselling.   This is also fine.

There are, of course, people who come to see me individually who do not have a partner.

During your first session with me I will likely take a short history and you will have the opportunity to talk about why you have come and what you hope to get from seeing me.  We can set some goals together and review progress regularly over time.  You are, of course, free to leave the first session to go away and think about whether you want to return or make another appointment.

One question I am often asked is ‘How long will it take’.  Well, there is absolutely no single answer to that as we are all individuals and all different  you likely took a while to arrive at the place you are currently in.


Appointment times & Costs

I work from Monday to Friday with my first appointment of the day being at 8.30am.  (I can sometimes accommodate an earlier appointment).  My last appointment of the day is 6.30pm (Again, from time to time I can accommodate a later evenig appointment).

My fee for individuals is £40.  for couples it’s £50.

I operate a five working day cancellation policy which means, if you need to cancel an appointment within this time frame you will be requested to make full payment for the session time when you next see me.  However, I will always try to be flexible and if I can manage to reschedule your appointment during the same week I will not charge a cancellation fee.