You are probably visiting my website because you are experiencing a problem or difficulty right now in your personal life. Whether you’re currently in a troubled relationship with poor communication between you, trying to separate from a partner,  your partner is trying to separate from you or you are simply trying to sort it out between yourselves or go your separate ways.

Perhaps you have never been in a relationship and this has  drawn you to my website. Maybe you are one of the many people who find it difficult to form and maintain relationships at all and wonder why and what you might do to change that.

Problems concerning sexuality, lack of intimacy, confidence and self esteem, or the desire to source the ability to communicate better with your partner, family and friends are common themes.  However, you may be troubled by something very specific like the lure of internet erotica, pornography, chat rooms etc and you have come to realise that you are spending far too much time (and money) involved in sexual activity online or in telephone chat rooms or with escorts.  It may be that your partner has ‘caught you out’ and the relationship is suffering because of this. This could be an Affair, sexual or internet compulsion or addiction – which try as you might – you continue to be drawn toward.

The absence or infrequence or loss of sex or sexual desire. Perhaps infrequent sexual activity between you is troubling one or the other of you leading to resentment and/or dissatisfaction in the relationship.  Orgasm difficulties, painful or difficult sex or erectile problems and troubles are more reasons to seek help.

It may be that you simply feel you no longer ‘get on’ with your partner, sexually or otherwise, that there is poor communication between you or a feeling of simply not being able to ‘get it right’.  Maybe one of you has had, or is having, an affair and you want to get beyond the feelings of betrayal and find a solution and way forward; together or separately.  Confusion and difficulty in coming to terms with sex, your sexuality or sexual orientation can also be very troubling. Heterosexuality is never assumed.

This is a long list and it’s not exhaustive.  We’re all different with differing issues and your reason for visiting my site may not even be on this list but is equally troubling.  You may also have been considering finding a counsellor for some time and it’s not just a spur of the moment decision to find a Counsellor.  Maybe, because you are seeking answers to more existential inner questions personal to you like ‘who am I’ and ‘where’s my life heading’, ‘What am I even doing in this relationship’ and so on and you want the opportunity to reflect on this and explore some possibilities and ways forward.

A recent bereavement or loss of a partner through a relationship ending may leave you feeling lost and isolated, even guilty or shameful and seeking a way forward.

Sexual and Relationship Counselling provides a confidential, safe, supportive and non judgemental environment in which to explore your issues and problem and look at ways forward; practical, emotional and sometimes even financial, toward helping to sort things out.  It can also provide a guided educational forum.  In this way you may begin to make more informed choices by integrating your learning and awareness in the counselling room into your daily life; by taking the steps you need to take to enhance the quality of your life and that of your relationship and self.  Counselling is one way which can really help.

IF YOU WOUILD LIKE FURTHER INFORMATION OR HAVE A QUESTION THIS SITE DOESN’T ANSWER THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME on one of the above numbers.  There is a dedicated answering machine on my landline which I attend to every day.  I will always endeavour to return your call within 24 hours.

Alternatively;  Please e.mail me on carolinejess@hotmail.co.uk